Listed Building Renovation

Preserving techniques for generations

How, and the way we lived over the centuries, is often reflected in our dwellings of old. We are lucky that so many are protected by listed status for us to continue enjoying. However, when the need arises to repurpose these dwellings, the proper care and methods have to be employed to maintain their original construction and thereby uphold their character & integrity. CDMS Sussex have a solid pedigree of working with Grade 1 & 2 listed buildings, making sure they continue to grace our glorious landscape.

CDMS Sussex have worked on numerous Grade 1 & 2 listed properties, period and historic houses, converting and renovating these to become new homes to live in, creatively meeting the new demands of today. So, if its a listed barn conversion, listed property renovation or even listed building conversion, CDMS Sussex have all the skills and knowledge needed to achieve your goals.

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Award Winning

CDMS Sussex have received several awards for work on listed buildings. Our professional and experienced team undertake structural, internal and external listed building renovations, conserving original features, renewing structural oak frames, retrofitting heating and power systems, sympathetically extending properties to blend new accommodation and modern internals with the eccentricities of an old property.

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In 2018 we proudly received the Small Scale Residential Award from Sussex Heritage Trust for our extensive work on Grade 2 listed building, ‘Wellands’ in Laughton, Sussex. The brief was the conversion of the milking parlour and creamery, with the addition of a new link structure, to form a two bedroom dwelling. In conjunction with the designers, GM Moore & Associates, the inhabitable but dignified brick building became a functional, energy efficient, family home, nestling in the lush surrounding countryside.


We were particularly proud to be nominated in the 2016 Sussex Heritage Awards and featured in both the Independent and Telegraph for our renovations and restoration work to the Round House in West Sussex. This was originally a threshing barn but today it is an essential stop over for ramblers of the South Downs National Park. Restoring ancient timbers, inviting the light but following the pattern and character of the building we installed large double length windows, the vaulted ceiling remained a central feature and the general openness and rustic charm was invigorated with our

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Preserving techniques for generations

CDMS Sussex are invested in training, both in new state of the art building and construction technologies and the changing methods and techniques of the past. By passing on our knowledge and expertise of quality design and building to the next generation, beautiful buildings of old and the new buildings yet to be designed will continue to reflect our proud construction heritage.


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